ciao Bella

Ciao Bella is an Italian restaurant chain and franchise.

At Ciao Bella you will find delicious homemade pizza, pasta, salads and snacks, based on original Italian recipes. The Ciao Bella stores also offer the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy a quick and traditional meal in a relaxed atmosphere. Since the beginning of 2017, we have been looking after the Ciao Bella franchise on a variety of fronts:

Responsible for the store design, advertising, advertising material, food and beverage cards, product shootings.

  • Ciao Bella Leipzig

    Menu boards - Leipzig

  • Ciao Bella Leipzig


  • Ciao Bella Leipzig

    Wall design . Leipzig

  • Ciao Bella Menüboard

    Menu board - Pasta & Focaccia

  • Ciao Bella Menüboard

    menu board - TO GO

  • Ciao Bella Speisekarte

    , Menu (exterior view)

  • Ciao Bella Speisekarte

    Menu (interior view)

  • Ciao Bella Kundenstopper

    Stand up display Meat & Fish

  • Ciao Bella Fotoshooting

    Product shootings

  • Ciao Bella Anzeige


  • Ciao Bella Flyer

    Focaccia Burger Flyer

  • Ciao Bella Roll-Up

    Roll up Display for dinner discounts

  • Ciao Bella Roll-Up

    Bambini Roll up display