EURIST is an organisation committed to improving mobility in the third world.

EURIST (European Institute for Sustainable Transport) is a non-governmental organisation based in Hamburg. It promotes strategies that improve environmental, social and economic sustainability in the transport and mobility sector around the world. In addition to this main area of focus, EURIST developed the charity project "Make a Move" a few years ago. It is collecting funds and looking for bike-ambassadors to give people in several African countries access to mobility. In cooperation with various partner organisations, specialised bicycles are awarded that can make life much easier for many people and even save lives.

We support EURIST in the design of print products for EURIST itself and for the charity project "Make A Move", such as Flyers, invitations or posters. In addition, we are in constant contact with EURIST to discuss long-term communication strategies. Responsible for ads, flyers, consulting, conception

Responsible for / ads / flyers / consulting / conception

  • Display board

  • Company flyer

  • Flyer for the Make a Move Campaign

  • Cableway Caracas

  • Venezuela

  • Bike maintenance in Africa

  • Improved Mobility