Prima Gallerina

Ewa Helena Dulic is the owner of the gallery "Prima Gallerina

From a very young age, Ewa Helena Dulic was passionate about fine arts and began taking lessons from well-known artists as a teenager. After high school, she first studied art and fashion design, and as a model and fashion designer celebrated with her own label great successes and now rocks the international art scene as an absolute shooting star. As a gallery owner, she is now promoting young artists under the brand name "Prima Gallerina" and with the motto: "Art of Tomorrow, at the Price of Today".

The Prima-Gallerina revives in Milchstraße 28 in Hamburg-Pöseldorf, the "Milky Way of Art". An address could not be any better, since just some years ago millionaire Gunther Sachs presented, then unknown, Andy Warhol, who conquered Europe and the world from here. Following in these historical footsteps, the Prima Gallerina has spotted promising newcomers around the world, presenting them both in their gallery and with it's innovative Artshow concept. The gallery's idea is simple: It shows the works of their artists first in exclusive shows on flat screens, installed in their galleries and other hot spots in the world.

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