Jürgen Weiss real estate is an owner-managed real estate company.

For over 20 years, the company operates in Hamburg and the surrounding area. Currently five Jürgen Weiss locations exist in Hamburg. In 2013 another subsidiary was opened in Tenerife in Spain.

In 2012, we developed a completely new corporate identity for Jürgen Weiss. The focus was on the logo, which was intended to showcase the high quality of the company. We are responsible for the repositioning, the annual marketing concept and all advertising designs. These include, above all, the design of the exterior façades, the advertising pegs and all business papers. Weekly advertisements appear in Hamburg daily newspapers.

Another area we focused on was the design and programming of the website, in which the database is connected via an interface with the real estate software. Thus, the real estate offers of Immonet and other providers are linked directly to the Jürgen Weiss homepage.

Responsible for logo / CI / website / advertising / advertising strategy


  • Jürgen Weiß Immobilien Broschüre Teneriffa

    Brochure Teneriffa - 2016

  • Jürgen Weiß Immobilien Booklet 2016

    , Company flyer - 2016

  • Jürgen Weiß Immobilien November Anzeige

    , Advertisement - November 2016

  • Jürgen Weiß Immobilien Logo


  • Jürgen Weiß Immobilien WEB

    web presence - www.jw-i.de

  • Jürgen Weiß Immobilien Autobeklebung

    Carstickers - Smart Cars

  • Jürgen Weiß Immobilien Anzeigen

    Advertisement Images

  • Jürgen Weiß Immobilien Buswerbung

    Bus advertisements

  • Jürgen Weiß Immobilien CI Entwicklung

    vCommercial papers & Business Cards

  • Jürgen Weiß Immobilien Anzeige Alstertal

    monthy ad for the Alstertal area

  • Jürgen Weiß Immobilien Sportbanden

    Side pitch sports banners

  • Jürgen Weiß Immobilien Mailing