The GP practice of Dr. Sebastian Lebender and Dr. Britta Hempel is now under the management of the Miamedes Health Group. This means that our client now has a second practice in this part of Hamburg and 16 practices in total. The Miamedes Health Group has set itself the goal of leading healthcare reform as a healthcare provider and thereby improving medical care in Germany on a daily basis. They are guided by their belief that everyone, regardless of age, social status and financial means, deserves unrestricted access to first-class medical care in order to live their lives as healthy and strong as possible.


A new brand has been launched on the market today. The two founders Dominik Heydecke and Christian Quaas share a family connection to hair care and beauty from an early age. They see VONDIEM as more than just a beauty brand for men - it is a revolution in the world of male grooming and aesthetics. VONDIEM is not just about outward appearance, but rather about self-development and the expression of one's own identity. We wish our customer every success!


If you haven't planned anything for Easter yet, you should reserve a table at Barmbeker Herzstück in Hamburg. Alexandra Lübeck and her team are once again hosting their traditional Easter breakfast buffet. Various rolls, cold cuts, cheese, egg dishes, vitello tonnate, bacon, grilled sausages, fish and much more is lovingly prepared. Well worth a visit!

Barmbeker Herzstück

Sepflutech, the specialist supplier for the separation of liquids, will be exhibiting on a joint European stand with its own team. Asia Pacific Maritime is a business experience combining trade fairs, congresses and seminars. The trade fair takes place at the world-famous Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. We supplied the graphics for Sepflutech's appearance.

Asia Pacific Maritime