WegoEgo is a refreshingly young Rock'n Roll band from Hamburg

WegoEGO - three singers and the best drummer from Hamburg, Germany. Two guitars, a bass, a keyboard, sometimes a piano, occasionally a violin or an unannounced mandolin create a vibrant sound mix. It is not easy to describe the music of the Hamburg boys. Soft, sometimes party - but always rock 'n roll. They call themselves "the best songwriters since the Beatles broke up". They have come, they have seen, just not yet conquered.

Since 2013 we look after and advise the young band from Hamburg where ever we can. Above all, we support WegoEGO in the design of their flyers, covers, other advertising materials and their website as well as associated programming tasks.

Responsible for consulting / internet presence / , designing the advertising appearance
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    Web presence - www.wegoego.com

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  • Fotoshooting in LA

  • Fotoshooting in LA

  • Fotoshooting in LA